Illustrations to the Divine Comedy

by Gustave Doré

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INFERNO 01Dante astray in the Dusky Wood
INFERNO 01The Lion suddenly confronts Dante
INFERNO 02The Darkening Sky of the First Night
INFERNO 03The Doomed Souls embarking to cross the Acheron
INFERNO 04Homer, the Classic Poets
INFERNO 05The Souls of Paola and Francesca
INFERNO 07Virgil shows Dante the Souls of the Wrathful
INFERNO 08Phlegyas ferries Dante and Virgil across the Styx
INFERNO 09Megaera, Tisiphone and Alecto
INFERNO 10Farinata degli Uberti addresses Dante
INFERNO 12The Minotaur on the Shattered Cliff
INFERNO 13Harpies in the Forest of the Suicides
INFERNO 14The Violent, tortured in the Rain of Fire
INFERNO 15Brunetto Latini accosts Dante
INFERNO 17The Descent of the Abyss on Geryon's Back
INFERNO 18Virgil shows Dante the Shade of Thais
INFERNO 19Dante addresses Pope Nicholas III
INFERNO 21The Demons threaten Virgil
INFERNO 22Ciampolo excaping from the Demon Alichino
INFERNO 23The Hypocrites address Dante
INFERNO 24The Thieves tortured by Serpents
INFERNO 25Agnello changing into a Serpent
INFERNO 26The Flaming Spirits of the evil Counsellors
INFERNO 28The Mutilated Shade of Mahomet
INFERNO 28The Severed Head of Bertrand de Born speaks
INFERNO 29Virgil reproves Dante's Curiousity
INFERNO 31The Giant Antaeus lowering Dante and Virgil
INFERNO 32Ugolino gnawing the Head of Ruggieri
INFERNO 34Lucifer, King of Hell