Illustrations to the Divine Comedy

by Gustave Doré

 Inferno   > Purgatory   Paradise

PURGATORY 01Dante kneeling before Statius
PURGATORY 01Dante bows before the Angel Pilot
PURGATORY 03The Company of Souls upon the Cliff
PURGATORY 04Dante follows Virgil up the Rugged Mountainside
PURGATORY 05The Body of Buonconte da Montefeltro in the Arno
PURGATORY 07The Post Sordello kneels before Virgil
PURGATORY 08The Angels putting the Serpent to Flight
PURGATORY 09Dante, in a Dream, carried off by an Eagle
PURGATORY 10The Marble Sculptures portraying Pride
PURGATORY 12The Souls of the Proud, bearing Heavy stones
PURGATORY 12Dante looking at the Spirit of Arachne
PURGATORY 13The Souls of the Envious
PURGATORY 15Dante's Vision of the Stoning of St. Stephen
PURGATORY 16Marco Lombardo follows the Poets through the Smoke
PURGATORY 18The Multitde of the Slothful
PURGATORY 19Virgil reproves Dante for gazing downward
PURGATORY 20The Souls of the Avaricious
PURGATORY 23Dante recognizes the Soul of Forese
PURGATORY 24The Souls of the Gluttonous
PURGATORY 25The Sinners passing through the Fire
PURGATORY 28Dante, Virgil and Statius in the Ancient Forest
PURGATORY 29The Elders in the Mystic Procession
PURGATORY 30Beatrice appears among Angels
PURGATORY 31Dante submerged in the River Lethe
PURGATORY 32The Harlot and the Giant in the Chariot
PURGATORY 33Dante drinks of the River Eunoe